Thank you for visiting our quite little private paradise. We hope you will enjoy it. Here is some good things we would like to share with you.

  • what time
check outat noon
WCopen 24h
hot shower8-10am / 6-8pm
saunaupon request
different hot shower hours available upon request
  • rules
  1. wash dishes in outdoor sink beside the container
  2. sort trash
  3. save light
  4. don’t run on a footbridge
  5. watch your pets inside property
  6. when swimming in the Pisa River, mind the depth – max 1,5 m ( on the other bank ) .

We have charging station for our dear guests, free of charge for all your devices needs, in the container from 8am till 8pm. If this one is not sufficient for you , we also offer you a paid 24h exclusive power access. Camping is mainly solar powered.

  • prices :
stay adult1 night9
stay child ( 0-10 yrs.  )1 night5
stay dog on leash1 night2
stay dog unleashed 1 night20
sauna experience exclusive 4 persons max.2h25
kayak trip 2 persons3h20
kayak trip 1 persons3h12,5
charging mobile devices 8am-8pmfree
power access 110w ( phone, laptop, small refrigerator )/upon request24h5
power access 1.5kW ( dryer, electric kettle etc. ) /upon request24h25
Need something else ? We can help you out!
  • how to pay :
bank transfer EURO(IBAN) PL85102013320000160211246297
Konrad Wroblewski
cash or PLNat the Camp
  • here is where you already visited from:
Netherlands, dank je wel!Germany, Danke!Estonia, Aitäh!
Belgium, merci! dank je wel!!Switzerland, Danke!Spain, grasias chicos!
Lithuania, Ačiū!France, merci!Latvia, Paldies!
Greece, Ευχαριστώ!Finland, Kiitos!Czech Republic, Děkuji!
Russia, Спасибо!Italy, Grazie!Great Britain, cheers mate!
Hungary, Köszönöm!Belarus, Дзякуй!Luxemburg, Merci!
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